How to fix Smartphone's Bluetooth that keep On automatically

Have you ever experience try to turn off Bluetooth on smartphone or tab but next time you check the Bluetooth automatically turn on?
There are two disadvantage to this situation:
1. Your battery life will shorten if your Bluetooth keeps on.
2. There is a possibility your personal data can be accessed by nearby Bluetooth devices. This is the most concern me.
bluetooth turns on automatically android

Bluetooth automatically turn on although you already turn it off before

bluetooth turns on by itself samsung

Open settings icon (gear icon)

why my bluetooth is automatically on

Click WiFi setting ( greater-than sign)

how to stop bluetooth from automatically turning on
Turn off WiFi

why does my bluetooth keep turning on iphone ios 11
Click scanning settings

bluetooth randomly turns on iphone
When you see Bluetooth Scanning on, tap to make it off

ios 11 bluetooth turns on by itself
Make sure Bluetooth settings off

Turn back your wifi on. This changes will make sure your Bluetooth not automatically off without your knowledge.
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