This is How You Can Get $4,854 In One Year With A Smartphone

I will show how you can generate USD 4,854 in 1 year or USD 75,372 in 5 years only using a smartphone. You will mine Electroneum (ETN) with your smartphone.

1.What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency for everyone that bring cryptocurrency payment via mobile phone. Electroneum is the first British cryptocurrency.

2.How Can I get USD 4,854 in 1 year or USD 75,372 in 5 years?

According to Coinliker the price of Electroneum in 1 year is $ 1.33 and in the next 5 years will become $4.13

Using a standard smartphone Redmi 4 or Mi 5a you will get 30 hashrate or 10 ETN a day.
1 year you will get 10x365 = 3,650 etn price prediction 1.33 it equal to $4,8545
5 years you will get 5 x 3,650= 18,250 etn, price prediction in 5 years 4.13 it equal to $ 75,372.5

Electroneum price prediction
Prediction from Coinliker

3.Steps to be able to mine ETN with your phone:

1. Register account  at 
2. Download Electroneum apps from play store
3. Start mining and earn Electroneum.

Your earning will be transferred to your electroneum account. 

4.Electroneum Exchange

Besides mining you can also buy Electroneum from exchanges. Exchanges also the place where you can sell your Electroneum after you mine it.

3 Bitbns ETN/INR (Indian)

More picture about earning money by mining Electroneum from a smartphone:

Referal code to use

Mining using Xiaomi Redmi 4

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