End of Life Microsoft Paint in Windows 10

I always use Microsoft Paint to make a simple edit to the picture that I captured from print screen PrtSc key. It is very effective and simple process I will add a red square box on the area that I want my reader to pay attention.

There is a clear notice when you click product alert button in the top right area. Microsoft will move to Microsoft store, it means will not part of Windows 10 anymore
Microsoft wants us to use Paint 3D as the replacement to the current Paint program. It might better but I will miss the current Paint program as I always found everywhere in XP, Windows 7, until Windows 10, but will soon decommission.

Please comment if you have experience with Ms Paint and will you miss it?
End of Life Microsoft Paint in Windows 10 Reviewed by Yunar Winardi on May 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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