Restore Website (image) Backup From Duplicate Plugin

After you backup/create image file using Duplicate plugin you will have 2 files:
1. installer.php file
2. zip file (the actual image file)

Before you can restore make sure you already have:
An empty database and username for the database.

If you don't have you can create blank database from VPSSIM:
1.Run VPSSIM, choose option 1(create database), it will ask for DBname

2. it also will create username and password for the database.
Write down all the information: DBname, Username, dan Password all of this will required when restoring website image.

3. Done, yes only 2 steps above, pretty easy right :-)

Restoring image:

Review the information below, make sure everything is correct
Click Test Database, you should succeed in this steps, if fail cannot continue.

When you see below screen on wordpress admin console, you are done, don't forget to click final step below, remove installation files now, as security precaution measure.

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