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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Setting Up Antminer L3+ for Nicehash or Litecoinpool

Below are my experience setting up Antminer L3+ from Bitmain and using Nicehash mining pool to earn some bitcoin. There are some steps that you need to pay attention especially the troubleshooting.

Delivery time, very important

I pre order antminer L3+ from local vendor in Indonesia. We do that because we only need to pay down payment, if we order via Bitmain, although much cheaper, we need to pay all in advance using Bitcoin or Litecoin.
Earning estimation Antminer L3+ at that time is about 0.3 BTC or about $1500 per month.
When I received antminer 2 months later the earning has dropped about 0.1 BTC or about $600 per month although the bitcoin price has increase to about $6300.


When you receive the antminer, there only 1 piece of paper and the main unit. I also bought the power supply APW3++, this power supply able to power up to 2 units Antminer L3++.

Powering up

First, no power button. You just need to plug the cable power to turn on. If you follow the instruction from the paper, you will ask to power up controller only after the hash board on. But this is not practical. I recommend Bitmain to put power switch to make us easier to user.
After power up normally about 1-2 minutes later you will hear the fan start spinning at their full power i think, because it too loud. But in my case I am not hard any noise the fan spin very smoothly.

Cannot get IP from DHCP server

I have this problem when turn on the machine several times, although already connected to the network that has DHCP server, the antminer still cannot get IP address. The indicator is when L3+ cannot get IP address:
1. Fan very quit from the beginning although it spin. You will need to restart it.
2. The other is the fan sometimes very loud then back to normal, then back again very loud spin into its maximum speed. it will doing this over and over.
Reset Antminer L3+
I finally got IP address from DHCP server by resetting the Antminer (press and hold reset button until you hear beep). After get IP address I login to the antminer console using Internet browser.
Default username is root and the password also root
You will need to change your pool setting in Miner Configuration tab, below is my setting when using Nicehash pool:

Pool 0:
URL: stratum+tcp://scrypt.hk.nicehash.com:3333#xnsub
User: YourBitcoinAddress.L3
Password: x

URL: stratum+tcp://scrypt.jp.nicehash.com:3333#xnsub
User: YourBitcoinAddress.L3
Password: x

URL: stratum+tcp://scrypt.eu.nicehash.com:3333#xnsub
User: YourBitcoinAddress.L3
Password: x

As our miner is located in Indonesia, I choose the first pool location in Hongkong, second pool is in Japan, and the third pool is in Europe. Choose your first pool as close as possible with your miner current location.
If pool 1 down, the miner will choose the next available pool, so it is very important to fill all the pool details.

Checking the miner health:

You can check miner health on miner status tab. The most important is to keep your chip temperature low, the normal range is 40-70 degree Celcius. On our status below 55-59 Celcius which is good. On ASIC status, you see 0000... as many as 288 chips. If you see xx among them, that indicate broken/fail chip, which is not good.

Before Overclock

After Overclock

Overclocking the miner will make warranty void, however by overclocking will increase earning because hash rate getting higher but also increase power consumption and heat. Do not overclock if you want to keep warranty.

Avoid Problems:

Make sure you change IP address to static for several reasons, but the most important is for stability and miner's health. When we still using dynamic IP address our miner stop mining just because temporary internet downtime. At that time we also cannot login to console so we need to hard reset the miner again to make it normal.
However, after we changed to static IP address whenever there is internet downtime, the miner will back mining after internet back online.
When there is something wrong with the miner, usually the fan rotate at full speed all the time, about 6000 rpm and this is very loud, you will still hear the noise with the door closed.  As our experience acceptable noise generated by miner's fan is up to 3600 rpm.

Miner monitoring:

It is very important to always monitor your miner condition. When you see workers become 0 or efficiency less than 100% most of the time in Nicehash console, you need to check your miner by logging into their software status and check physically if still have a problem.

How much we earned so far?

With overclock we earned about 0.025 BTC per week or about $160.

Using Litecoinpool.org

On Dec 6, 2017 Nicehash down for several weeks after their Bitcoin got stolen by Hacker. Because of this we were looking for pool alternative and started to use Litecoinpol.org
Litecoin pool paid us by Litecoin (LTC) and will automatically send to our wallet after reach 1 LTC. This is achieved after about 10 days mining.

Setting are:




Monitoring litecoinpool is not as straight forward as Nicehash. In term of monitoring we love Nicehash over litecoinpool.  

Pool sites alternatives:

Beside using Nicehash and Litecoinpool as your pool, you can use antpool, bitconnectprohashing and many more.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Memory is Detected but is not Configurable Dell Poweredge Server

This happen to our two Dell Poweredge R230 servers running as domain controllers. Almost everytime we restart the server for windows updates, the server will not restart and there is error message on the display “memory is detected but is not configurable”.

This has become big problem as we are mostly accessing the server remotely. When domain controllers are not running, users will not able to be authenticated thus they cannot access network. Access points are not working and our handheld wireless scanners also not working and this is become nightmare because it means our production stop working and bad to business.

The other unpleasant condition is when there is long electricity blackout which UPS battery cannot handle, the servers went off but cannot back up because of this problem.

We are using original memory from Dell, so there is no chance that this is compatibility issue. After searching on the net we found there is new firmware that will fix this issue. The latest firmware is version 2.1.4 while our current version is 1.0.2
Steps to upgrade firmware to resolve "Memory is Detected but is not Configurable" issue.
1. Need domain administrator password to run this update.

2. Firmware validation.
File sometimes corrupted when downloaded, this process below make sure that the firmware file is intact.

3. Confirmation before upgrading firmware
Make sure that the version is newer than your current version.

4. Reboot several times after upgrade

After reboot confirmation dialog, your server will restart several times during the process. This is normal, expect 5-10 minutes in this process and it will finally finish and the server back online without issue cannot restart anymore.
Have a nice day :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Not Connected to The Internet Resolved by Upgrading D-LINK DIR-600M Home Router's Firmware

My home internet is using D-LINK DIR-600M router. This router has 4 ethernet ports for client, 1 ethernet port connected to fiber optic modem (or any other modem) and wireless connections for laptop and mobile devices.

There is 1 annoying problem with this router, sometimes my wireless clients cannot get in to the internet although it still connected to the router's wireless network. When this is happen I disabled and enabled wireless connection and this works fine.  Although this is fine with me but not for other family members, they don't know how to disable and enable wireless, they have to restart the computer when this is happen and this is not good at all.

One that I can do to resolve this problem is to upgrade it's firmware. I already looking for firmware for my router DLINK DIR-600M but it's not easy. There is not much result on search engine.

After browse through all search engine result from position number 1, I decided to download it from Softpedia. The file is 1.23MB and contain 1 pdf file and the firmware image itself. Here step to upgrade the firmware:
1. Using only cable to the router, don't use WIFI.
2. Extract the file to the folder where you can find it easily, I extract to desktop.
3. Login to your router, the default IP address is

4. Login using administrator account, username is Admin and without password (blank).
5. Make sure current firmware version is lower than you want to upgrade. In my case the current version is 3.01
6. Click Maintenance tab, Firmware Upgrade, Click choose file and browse  to file DIR-600M C1_v3.05ENB01_beta_20170306.img
7. Click upload it takes only several seconds and the upgrade process finish. The router will restart in 60 seconds.

8. I forgot to save the router's configuration, luckily the configuration still there not change, this is good, some router will reset it's configuration after firmware upgrade.
In case you need the file, I put it here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3BPcME1ZlDtN2Rreks0SUlibms
After firmware upgrade I never found the same problem again.

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